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May/June 2004.


Robert (Denver, USA), Damascus hunting knife.
Maxim, I just returned from safari in Tanzania.  I was very pleased with the performance of the knife I recently purchased from you.  I (or the staff) used it for everything from skinning and cutting apart Cape Buffalo to cutting brush for a blind.  The knife kept it's edge quite well through all tasks.  The only thing needed was a light touching up each evening at the campfire.  This was shocking to the camp staff as the knives they use are in need of sharpening every two or three minutes during the skinning process. My professional hunter was very impressed with the overall quality and substance of this knife.  Look for him to contact you for one of his own. Thank you for a very fine product... You may also direct potential customers to contact me through e-mail for more detailed comments. Thank you again for a great addition to my knife collection.

Rich (USA). 440-C hunting knife.
The knife arrived today.  Wish I knew a few words of your language so I could tell you how wonderful it is.  When it comes to knife making, you a definitely one of the great masters out there!  Every part of it is incredible, the handle, the blade, the etchings, and your sheathes are second to none.  This knife is definitely a prize! Thank you for the great work and time that you put into this.  I will try to figure out what I would like for another one! Thanks again, Sincerely, Rich.

Peter (UK), 440-C hunting knife.

knife delivered today, over the moon with it. i have collected knives for many years mostly from the USA,they include.buck,cold steel,colt,and Colorado. none of them come close to your knife for quality and workmanship. i would like to thank you for the efficient way you conduct your business,and wish you well for the future.
Richie (USA). 440-C blade + Titanium handle tactical&survival knife.
Hello Maxim,
     I received my knife today and let me say it is far better than I ever imagined. The grinds are beautiful, the plunge grinds are perfect! The saw back is awesome, the knurling grips great. It's built like a tank but the balance makes it feel light in the hand. I've owned several custom knives spending even more for some but by far this is the best yet. The only complaint I have is that it looks too good to use :) I'll try to get over this and carry it every now and then.
    Maxim, I want you to know I'll keep this knife with the same pride that Safronov knives obviously uses to make them. You have made this custom order a pure pleasure. Randall knives better be happy your company is in Russia! I will do my best to get the word out on your fine knives, there's a large market in the U.S. for tactical knives....
Rick (USA), 440-C hunting knife.
I received the Parma knife today.  The quality is outstanding and I am very pleased!!  The engraving on the blade, bolsters, and cap are first rate.  The tan leather of the sheath is also very high quality.  I now
have two different examples of your fine work;  they are showpieces of my small but growing collection.  There will always be a demand for high quality handmade knives and if you can continue to find exposure in the USA, I am sure you will find a good market.  I look forward to seeing more of your fine work.  Thanks!
Wolfgang (Germany), 440-C dagger, Damascus hunting knife.
Dear Maxim,
as you maybe remember I bought two knives from you the D9 kindjal and the the D7 hunting knive. Especially the hunting knive I have for every days use and I take it practically everywhere I go, in the car, in the garden and so on. ...I think it is time for knife number three. This time I picked something quite exotic, the Nepalese knife (kukri) as shown on your home page....The other two knifes I have from you where excellent, very much despite to German factory knifes.
Steven (UK), 440-C and Damascus hunting, fishing and ferreting knives of various types.
...Yes Max my knife arrived this morning. I like that knife so much, the shape of the blade is most suited to all uses. The size is perfect for me, it will handle a salmon or a reindeer, good for me. I learn from my friend that has Sami knives that a medium size knife is good for all uses. Sami knives don't hold their edge like yours though. ...I think i will be able to  prepare a 30 lb salmon with your knife, should i catch one.
 ... Max, the damascus blade is perfect for me it works so well, no rust yet., I joint reindeer meat with it just fine.
 ... I like the decorated knives though, it makes them more special to me as they are one of a kind.
 ... when i shot my first red deer, my instructor showed me how to prepare this animal properly for eating. It took 4 hours of cleaning, skinning and butchering until the meat was ready. I used my damascus blade and it never needed sharpening.i know most other knives would not hold an edge like the Blade you made, especially after i hit the bones so many times. ... So they are more cautious, as to if your knife will work well? was lucky for me that the morning I left for a hunting trip the knife arrived!  The knife is superb, on my trip I took a red deer and 2 roe-siberian deer. My knife did all the work in preparing these animals for eating and I only had to work on the edge 1 time. ...I will need a copy of this knife in future ...


Jefferey (UK), 440-C hunting knife. 
The gentleman who won the competition was absolutely delighted with the knife - he telephoned me as soon as it arrived, and since he is a very keen hunter it will be put to good use, though, as he said, it seems almost too beautiful to use.
Steven (Canada), 440-C and Damascus hunting knives.
Greetings Maxim.
I just had to write...rec'd the Damascus today and am just in awe at the quality of your workmanship and the sheer beauty of your art.  I view knives as sculptures both of form and function.  You, sir, are a master....Also Damascus steel, at least for me, adds another dimension to the overall flow of the knife and especially the shape of the blade. In the same way finger guards/bolsters, intricate filework, engraving (you ARE very talented), handle material (you are right...there is almost a surrealistic feel while holding the birch bark), right down to the pommel...
Jaroonsiri (Thailand), Damascus hunting knives.
... I have just received them all right this afternoon and I like them very much. Thailand climate is very hot and humid. Your high carbon damascus blade has no problem but oiling is always a must. Your birch bark handles are very stable in all weather and they look much better than I expected. ... please do not forget to let me know when you have your new knives for export. 
Doug (Canada), 440-C hunting knife.
I just received the knife and it is absolutely beautiful. It has excellent balance and feel and is beautifully crafted. It is a really pleasant surprise. The sheath is also so well made. Thanks again, I am a very happy buyer.
Marcel (Netherlands), 440-C hunting knife.
The knife and sheath are looking great, even better than on the pictures. Even my wife, who had some doubts about the knife when she saw the pictures, likes it.
Martin (UK), 440-C hunting knife.
The knife arrived safely yesterday. Absolutely superb. A credit to your skill. Thank you. I will be placing another order in the new year for the same item again ... same specification but smaller.
Benito (Netherlands), Damascus stabbing hunting knife.
hallo, i bought a knive from you through ebay and i just love it its so nice i made a special display board for it.  
James (USA), Damascus hunting knife.
It's very nice, looks and feels great. I was also impressed with the sheath, very nice. Thanks for caring.
Lizann (USA), 440-C stabbing hunting knife.
The knife arrived today!! It is really a beautiful knife! Your work is amazing. Thank you so much for allowing me to buy from you. It was definitely worth the wait! Hope all is well with you. Thank you again!
Colin (UK), 440-C hunting knife. 
Fine workmanship I am very pleased thank you.
Peter (Germany), 440-C hunting knife.
Große Klasse wunderschön jederzeit gerne wieder!!!!!!!!!

Christoph (Germany), 440-C hunting knife.

Klasse Messer, gerne wieder
Steffen (Germany), 440-C hunting knife.
absolute Spitzenqualität, bin begeistert, vielen Dank
Steven (USA), Damascus hunting knife.
I just received the knife and it is absolutely excellent. Not only is it functional but it is also a work of art. It is obvious from the knife's high
quality that you put a lot time, effort and pride into your craft. I really like the feel of the birch bark handle and the knife fits me like a glove. The balance is also perfect. I've used a lot of knives in my day but this is the best. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Keep up the great work.

Bruce (USA) Damascus hunting knife.
Hi, the knife arrived safely just now. Quite exceptional, one of the best in my collection! It is so WICKED! Thanks much.

Dima (USA),  440-C hunting knife.
I received the knife, thank you.   It is even better than what I expected and I expected a lot.   I am extremely happy, thank you!  It was definitely worth waiting for.  Now I am thinking of ordering something else… Thank you very much this is the best knife I ever saw.  

Mimmo (Italy), Damascus hunting knife.
Hi Maxim, today I have received the knife, it is really wonderful! Compliment, you are a true artist! Thanks !!!

James (USA), 440-C hunting knife.
I got my new knife. It's beautiful. Really, really nice. The saw teeth on the top of the blade & the engraving on the blade make it extra special. I like the handle. I am very proud of it. It has also been fun getting to know you.


Mimmo (Italy), Damascus hunting knives.
Hi Maxim, finally the 2 Bowie are arrived this morning...they are very very beautifull, are two art of work, compliments!

Victor (Canada), Damascus and 440C hunting knives. ... I have received the knives and I am very pleased with them. The delivery was quick, packing was superb, and the knives have arrived in great condition. The craftsmanship is excellent, the engravings are beautiful and the sheath is fantastic. I look forward to purchasing more of your knives in the future for my collection... I am enjoying my knives greatly and once again, the work is terrific.
Muzio (Australia) Damascus hunting knife.
Maxim, I recieved the knife yesterday and just love it. It's everything you said it would be, the balance is amazing. I will endeavor to make as many people aware of your knives because of there outstanding quality and value...
Edon (Netherlands) Damascus knife.
Dear Maxim, Received “THE KNIFE” a few weeks ago and I am still stunned by the extreme high quality !!!
This is not a knife, but a “SHARP JEWEL” !!!
Every engraved detail is ultra precise and a true piece of art.
The balance of this knife is as it should be: NATURAL !!!
I don’t know how you did it, but I only gave you some rough measurements of my right hand and the beautiful birch handle fits like a glove!
The leather sheath fits the knife perfectly and is a piece of art on itself.
I am extremely happy with this “CUTTING EDGE” and also very happy getting to know you.
Now I am thinking of ordering something else…
Thanks a lot !!!
Warren (USA) Damascus knife.
Maxim, The package is here and I'm extremely impressed by the workmanship, both knife and sheath.  There is a lot of artistry here, but none of it gets in the way of functionality.  The phrase that comes to mind is "practical elegance" and it's rare to find in knives or guns, but always appreciated.  I'll get to thinking about what my custom order might look like in the future, as I'm now absolutely certain to be placing one, but in the meantime am going to enjoy this one, and many thanks to you for the obvious amount of work and attention to detail  that went into it.
Daniel (Canada) Damascus and 440C hunting knives.
Hi Maxim:  As you know, I own three (3) of your knives and although one went directly into my collection, am using the other two on my trap lines here in Northern Ontario.  The one you built to my specs turned out just perfect and is in the collection.  I must admit that I have never received any knife this sharp right out of the box.  The ones I use are the forged 440C Russian equivalent and the Damascus.  I was not a big fan of Damascus but yours is quickly changing my mind.  I use it as a camp knife, used for everything to cooking to splitting firewood to cleaning game and filleting big Northern Pike.  It lost that razor sharpness (fish scales) but a few licks on a sharpening steel and back in business.  The forged 440C equivalent is being carried as a belt knife and used for removal of the feet on beaver during the pelt preparation process and again it stood up really well and a few licks on the fine grit diamond hone and again back in business.  The birch bark handle is warm to the touch, beautiful patterned and holding up nicely.  It has become impregnated with beaver oils but that just adds to the personality of the knife.  The sheaths are beautifully decorated and I like either a horizontal or vertical carry feature!!!  In a word your knives are “EXCELLENT” and a true example that beauty and functionality can be the same!!!  Expect another order from me in early spring.  Have a good winter and many happy trails my friend!!!  DAKom (The Russian equivalent to Kott) Kapuskasing, ON, Canada…