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Herstellung handgemachter messer für jeden Geschmack aus Russland.

Fabrication sur commande de couteaux Russes.

Fabricación bajo pedido de cuchillos, Rusia.

facas manufacturadas para encomenda, Rússia.

Produzione artigianale di coltelli, Russia.

Ręcznie robione noże, ROSJA.

Unieke en handgemaakte messen uit Rusland.


Maxim Safronov Knives workshop.

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1. Thrusting, chopping knives. Machetes. Axes. Special items.

2. National/ethnic knives.

3. Collectable knives.

4. Hunting knives.

5. Gallery # 1, unsorted items.

6. Gallery # 2, unsorted items.

7. Gallery # 3, unsorted items.

8. Gallery # 4, unsorted items.

9. Gallery # 5, unsorted items.

10. Gallery # 6, unsorted items (prices here).

11. Gallery # 7, unsorted items.

12. Reviews and testimonials.

13. Miscellaneous.




About me.


My name is Maxim Safronov.  I live in Russia and I make custom knives.  It has been my family’s business for three decades. 


I mostly make beautifully decorated hunting knives, but I also custom make all kinds of knives and other bladed items to customers requirements.   My knives are all unique and of the highest quality.  They are highly sought after by hunters, collectors and people looking for gifts or quality souvenirs.


I can make bladed items in any style and size and from any material desired, including exotic collectors knives, hunting knives, daggers, swords, axes, machetes, katana, tanto, etc.  If you’re after a particular style of bladed item (national, collectable, fancy, gift. etc.), please contact me.  I’ll be pleased to hand make a balde you’ll be proud to own.


My blades are forged from Russian aerospace high-alloy steels (similar to American 440C, D-2, CPM440V), high carbon or Damascus steels.  Each Damascus blade is forged of four types of steel and contains from 400 to 600 layers.  My blades are usually from 4 to 6 mm (1/5 inch) thick.  (1 inch is 25.4 mm).
I use a wide range of natural materials for making handles and sheaths: such traditional Russian materials as mounted birch bark, birch burl, box tree, walnut tree, leather, elk horn, walrus tusk, bog oak (oak that has been submerged in a bog for centuries; this wood is black), and various other woods like blackwood (Dalbergia), ebony wood (Diospyrus), etc.  When necessary all wooden parts are permeated with boiling linseed oil to make them water-repellent and reduce the likelihood of rotting.  All handles are assembled with a titanium rod inside. Even though my knives are highly decorated they are principally practical knives for practical purposes. 



The sample prices for knives are here: Gallery # 6, unsorted items.

The average shipment cost to the USA and Canada - $25.00 US incl. insurance.

The average shipment cost to EU -  15.00 EUR incl. insurance.  

Payment can be made via PayPal.

To order email at: knives@mail.ru or Maxim (at) MaximKnives (dot) com.


Some examples of butt-cap engravings:



Birch bark handles are highly valued in Russia and the Nordic countries though they are not so well known in the rest of Europe and the USA.  These handles are made by stacking and gluing as many as 200 layers of birch bark to each other with pressing force of 500 kg.  Birch bark handle is very durable and quite warm to the touch, making it suitable for very cold climates.  The combination of birch bark and hard aluminium alloy make the handle feel ‘warm’ in cold weather.  Also a knife with a birch bark handles is usually 2-3 oz lighter than a similar knife with a brass or stainless steel guard and butt-cap.  As any hunter will tell you, the weight of your knife becomes very important when you have to walk for hours, especially in deep snow.  Also, if your knife has a birch bark handle it will not slip if your hands are greasy, oily or soapy, and this can be a significant safety feature when you skin animals or clean fish.  A birch bark handle does not absorb water and only has to be washed with soap to rejuvenate it.  Rub it several times with very fine sand paper and it will look like you just bought it.  You do not need to coat birch bark, and it always feels slightly warm and velvety.  Birch bark is also considered to have healing properties, and can help heal wounds on a hunter's hand.  Making a birch bark handle is long and laborious process yet it has been the proven choice for centuries in Russia and the Nordic countries.  You only have to hold one to feel these wonderful qualities.


Karelian birch (Betula verrucosa var. carelica) is one of the best choices for practical purposes, i.e. comfort and durability in all climates. It is a specific species of birch that grows in severe climate conditions of Scandinavia and neighbouring regions of northern Russia. Its wood is very stable in bitter cold and humidity changes. Karelian birch wood is also regarded as a rich, quality, precious wood especially some selected pieces. Well known pieces of art are made of Karelian birch such as sets of small pieces of furniture for the Russian Tsarina Ekaterina II (her favorite one) and one of the Fabergé eggs.

The leather sheath of each knife is decorated with an etching of the same animal that is engraved on the knife's butt-cap.  Each sheath is constructed from four pieces of leather, which are used to form an inner and outer layer.  The inner layer is glued together and reinforced with eight to ten stainless steel staples.  The animal drawings on the outer layer of the sheaths are not stamped but etched by hand using a pyrographic technique.  Each sheath takes several hours to decorate and because each one is individually hand carved, it is unique.

Range Of Products.


What you can see in the photo archive pages of this web site are just a few examples of the variety of items I make.  You may not like some of their features but please remember they were often ordered to be made with those particular features to suit the purchasers’ tastes.  The purpose of the pictures in the photo archive galleries on this web site is to give you an idea of what you may expect from my work.  Please note the items shown in the photo archive pages are not available for purchase, they have all been made to my customers’ designs, and sold to them.  However, you may choose something from the list on this page showing knives currently available for sale, or you may ask me to recreate one of my archived designs or to make you a knife to your own design and specifications.  I regularly add new pictures to my web site.  You may order whatever decoration you wish to put on your bladed weapon including any images or inscriptions in any languages.




E-mail: knives@mail.ru


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